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Produktinformationen "ASKDP03-T ARMORED CABLE EXCAM 10M"

10m armored network and power cable for explosion-protected cameras in the ExCam range, certified for use in hazardous areas according to ATEX, IECEx and EAC. Diameter 17.0mm, 8x AWG22 shielded, 3x 1.5mm2, -60°C to +80°C, Ex d IIC / Ex e II / Ex tD A21 IP66, IP67, IP68, M20x1.5. Included accessories: 5ml Loctite 243 thread locker, 1x CAT6 RJ45 industrial plug (5.5mm – 10.0mm), 1x cable gland Ex d with compound Ex db eb IIC / Ex tb IIIC / Ex e II / Ex tD IP66/67/68, 1x cable gland Ex e II 2 G Ex e IIC Gb / II 1 D Ex ta IIIC Da IP66 M20x1.5.