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Produktinformationen "AXIS TU6004-E CABLE 8M 4P"

AXIS TU6004-E Cable 8m 4P is a bulk pack of 4x 8m cables used for the F-series. TU6004-E Cable 8m has rugged connectors. A FAKRA connector on one side (connecting to the F91 main units) and a SMA connector on the other side (connecting to the F21, F72 and F4105-LRE sensors).
AXIS TU6004-E Cable 8m is outdoor rated and complies with IP66 and IP6K9K. It has a 40mm bending radius.
AXIS TU6004-E cable 8m can be shorten and re-crimped on the FAKRA side only thanks to AXIS TU6003 Conn kit FAKRA, 10P (sold separately).